Leading Provider

of Manufacturing Sourcing Solutions

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Leading Provider

of Manufacturing Sourcing Solutions


At Merk Industrial, providing sourcing solutions through optimizing cost effective and quality driven products is our goal with all our customers and has been now for 3 generations.

We are a 2- person rep agency with administrative support and strategic alliances with our group of outstanding manufacturing principals that we have developed over 35 years of service.

Chris M

Chris Merk- Cleveland, OH.

38 years in the manufacturing sector serving as an independent rep. Began his career in Western PA and has developed a strong customer base across Ohio and Midwest selling fasteners, castings, powder metal, machined parts and other components. Started in the business with his father Ralph E Merk (founder of REM Sales and Associates) in 1981. Extensive history of developing long standing relationships with customers helping “bridge the gap” between supplier and customer.

Dan M

Dan Merk- Columbus, OH.

9 years in the manufacturing sector serving as a representative. Graduate of Miami University (Ohio) with a degree in Business Administration and strong background in manufacturing, he has serviced southern Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana by supporting OEM customers with sourcing on fasteners, castings and other components.


With a metal component and are unsure what process (casting, machining, powder metal, stamping, forming, etc) would yield the highest quality and most cost effective part?